We have all been there. You want a quality outdoor watch that will last for years and preferably not spend a fortune. The truth is that compromises or best buys are always the best option for us, regular people, who do not have Benjamins just laying around the house. That is why I made this guide, to help you get a grasp of what is important when you’re looking for an outdoor watch. To see what options are available on the market, along with good reviews, have a look at atomic811.com.


Probably the best advice I could give is: always look for the quality. Never sacrifice quality for the sake of 10 bucks or whatever. I do not say to go around and buy the most expensive outdoors watch you can find but as a rule of thumb you should always get the better quality even if the price is a little higher. I say this because in the long run quality watches tend to pay off on the initial price way better than cheap watches do. That is because poorly manufactured watches tend to break or malfunction faster than their more quality counterparts.


When out in the nature you want to feel the best sensations and have the best experience possible. No doubt you climbed all the way to the top of the mountain to see the sunset. So probably you won’t like a sticky annoying watch sitting around your wrist, making the experience worse, do you? All I am saying is that wearing an outdoor watch should be a pleasure and not a pain in the ass. Many reputable companies through lines like ProTrek, G-Shock, Edifice and many more dealt with this all the way when getting feedback from the clients. That is why you will hardly find a bad experience watch made by companies like Casio. Here we can also include Seiko, Citizen, Orient, all making great quality outdoor watches that are a pleasure to wear. What I am trying to point out here is that a watch is not anymore only a time telling tool. It is a companion that you love to wear and can’t go out the house without it on the wrist. But how can I know what is a good experience watch before I buy it, you may ask? Well that’s a good question and many people asked themselves this question before us and already found the solution. And that would be reviews. Nowadays you do not need to have an item to get to know how it may eventually feel or function. As a rule of thumb if you want to be sure that a watch is good enough, follow what other reputable sources say about it.


Ergonomics are defined as the way a watch fits on the wrist and how well it does it. This is pretty simple. Find out what most people complain about on different sites when it comes to certain aspects then make decisions based on their experience. Does a corner of the case feels bad to the skin, or the case back doesn’t feel right? Then move on to another watch.


Here there are some details which have to be made clear before buying an outdoor watch. There are a lot of multi-purpose outdoor watches out there which more or less incorporate all features needed by most categories of outdoor people. ProTrek or G-Shock watches are great here because they offer ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) sensors, and all the good stuff necessary for outdoors, I won’t enumerate them here. If you want to go specific and reach for a watch which is specially made for your activity be it diving, hiking or whatever (I highly advise you to do so) you should take a look at certain features like the chronograph, unidirectional bezel or any other that might represent a concern in your activity. This is a very important aspect in order to be sure you get the best quality for your money.


This is more or less a subjective point, but I always recommend taking into consideration the beauty of a watch. Do not go with what others tell it’s beautiful. Just pick the one that you love and start from there by looking at the other aspects I enumerated. For example I really like the looks of the G-Shock G-Steel GSTS110 with the smoke dial or the G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000. Whatever G-Shock you like has most of the qualities enumerated, then that is the best G-Shock for you.


See how I saved the price for last? Don’t get me wrong, price is inevitably a concern when buying an outdoor watch. Here I advise you to get the best deal. Not the cheapest watch, neither the most expensive. The best deal is always the best deal, and you can easily see it from blocks away. Take your time and make the adequate research and get the best price for one watch. You will be very happy to know that you made a great deal.